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2017 Action Plan

Thank you to all members of the public that participated in our community participation survey and organizations that have applied for 2017 Action Plan Grants.  We are currently reviewing your surveys and applications.  We will have a draft 2017 Action Plan for public review in February 2017.

If you have any questions, please contact 2017ActionPlan@niagarafallsny.gov.


The Niagara Falls Open House Program.

SALE OF VACANT RESIDENTIAL PROPERTYThe City of Niagara Falls is streamlining the sale of vacant houses and lots. We want to make it especially easy for homeowners to purchase a vacant home and for residents to purchase vacant property that adjoins their home.

Vacant Lots: Please visit these links for more information on the process.

1. The Purchase Offer Form is attached HERE.
2. A link to the City of Niagara Falls Assessors Office Website, for full property search, is attached HERE.

Please contact Seth Piccirillo at 716-286-8801 or
seth.piccirillo@niagarafallsny.gov if you have and further questions. Thank you.

Mixed Use Rental Rental Rehabilitation Match Grant.
Click HERE for the application and guidlines.

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Seth Piccirillo, Director 
Niagara Falls Community Development